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Motorola K1 Krzr – More Than A Fashionable Mobile Phone

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Can a fashion mobile phone come with high spec features? Or, more exactly, can a phone that is destined to attract the eyes also be technologically optimized? Motorola proves that it can, with the new and innovative Motorola K1 KRZR.

What can be said about Motorola K1 KRZR? Appearance-wise, this phone manages to fit in the super-slim category that has been gaining more and more converts recently. Furthermore, the thing that impresses most when looking at this Motorola K1 KRZR phone is its striking glossy appearance – sure, not the most practical characteristic (considering the visible fingerprints and scratches), but definitely eye-catching. Even if it is considered an actual fashion phone, rather than a smartphone, Motorola K1 KRZR seems to have great functionality, especially when it comes to the keypad and ergonomics. Still, these great looks come at a price – Motorola K1 KRZR might not be the lowest maintenance mobile phone out there.

Let’s talk about more specific features. First of all, there is the screen, which presents no less than 262,000 colors and a good resolution: 176 x 220 pixels. Furthermore, the camera sports a zoom function and a resolution of 2 megapixels, although it lacks flash capability. Besides these, short videos can also be taken with this Motorola K1 KRZR phone, at a CIF resolution. The music player is quite well optimized and supports a great variety of formats, ranging from MP3 to AAC and AAC+ formats with stereo output for wireless Bluetooth.

If you are curious about the memory capabilities of this phone, the default capacity is only 20 Mbytes – which isn’t much, but the creators thought about your needs, and it is actually extendable to 2 Gigabytes. What else is there to say? The battery lasts decently long, the mp3s can be used as actual ring tones, there are plenty of Java games to choose from, voice memo recorder, aircraft mode and other such entertaining or multimedia features that enhance the overall package.

Some might think that Motorola targeted the ladies with this phone, especially because of its appealing glow and structure, but this phone has proven popular to both men and women. Motorola has ensured that the KRZR is not just about pretty looks; it is easy to use, it feels great to hold it, and at the same time, it offers a wide set of high spec features that can satisfy even the pretentious customers.

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