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Hackett Schwimm Shorts Herren, Mikrofaser, blau Hackett


Hackett Schwimm Shorts Herren, Mikrofaser, blau Hackett

Male Underwear Packaging Contest Snap That G-String (or Boxer, or Brief, or Short) & Enter Our Underwear Contest

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In observance of National Underwear Day on August 9, a male modeling website is encouraging shoppers to submit cellphone snapshots of the best and worst male underwear packaging in the United States. Cell phone and digital photos can be sent via Sprint’s Picturemail service to: CampusMen@pm.sprint.com

The male underwear industry has grown substantially since the days when Calvin Klein billboards stopped traffic in New York’s Time Square. Many small manufacturers now offer underwear that ranges from strictly utilitarian briefs to elaborate undies that rival Michael Jackson’s wardrobe.

Some are pricey and some are cheap and packaging runs the gamut from sexually titilating (obviously aimed at wives and girlfriends who are shopping for their mates) to blue-collar basics (favorites of the white socks and cigars crowd).

Campus Men, a calendar and male modeling resource company that has been making good looking college guys famous since 1990, was amused by the variations it found in male underwear marketing. Photo editors had shopped department stores, closeout bins and dime stores to find the perfect skivvies for Campus Men photo shoots. After seeing such a range of choices, they decided to sponsor a hunt to find the most amusing packaging, as well as packaging that shows the best in marketability.

All snapshots received for the contest will be displayed on the CampusMen.com website at http://www.campusmen.com/model-search/male-modeling/underwear_modeling.html The winner in each category will be announced on National Underwear Day, August 9.

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